La mia ingenua ipotesi di ieri è confermata oggi da Monti stesso:

A prescindere dal «riuscire o meno a trovare una soluzione alla crisi di Atene, nel frattempo abbiamo ottenuto un migliore livello di coordinamento tra le politiche fiscali nazionali. Abbiamo messo in atto alcuni firewall per evitare il contagio» ha spiegato Monti.

Non solo: vale anche la proposta italiana di una protezione pan-europea dei depositi bancari

Bene. Ora vedremo se si andrà oltre i firewall di ultima istanza.


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2 Responses to Conferma

  1. beppe says:

    From Darliane: i think this blog is very informative though

    • MrDo says:

      Lombardia was 50/50 on much lower projections for Berlusconi and the other cidemoan. So looks pretty certain who will have won there.Looks like a majority ‘Monti-government’ can always be blocked. Especially if the bonusseats go BungaBunga.Simply no workable majority unless Berlusconi makes a 180 and he will not do that. Things look so unstable that a new election within half a year or so seems likely. You will not want to go in there with breaking recently all your important promises even if you are Berlusconi.Most likely scenario minority Monti-ish government. But will have insufficient backing to do things. Berlusconi playing Mr No.Doubtful if Monti will be very enthousiastic to head such a government. As it is one on a sort of suicide mission. Don’t see him doing that. Which means minority left government blocked in everything. And most likely elections within 6 months or so.All on basis of these polls and polls have been rubbish lately.